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Complete & Partial Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth-replacing devices held in place by the mouth cavity’s surrounding hard and soft tissues.
Consultation with a prosthodontist is the best way to determine whether dentures are an option for you. After graduating from dental school, a prosthodontist completes three more years of specialized training in the restoration and replacement of teeth, including dentures for even the most difficult cases. A prosthodontist can also assist in determining whether another course of therapy might be more appropriate for your particular case.
What different kinds of dentures?
Dentures can replace all of your teeth or just some of them. Complete dentures are those that replace every tooth, and they rest on the gums that surround the jawbones. By securing these dentures to dental implants, their stability and retention can be increased. Partial dentures are those that only replace a portion of the teeth. In addition to covering and resting on the gums and bone where the teeth are absent, they also adhere to the teeth that are still present. Additionally, partial dentures can be repaired and stabilized using dental implants.
Can I use my dentures to eat normally?
It typically takes some time for patients to become acclimated to their dentures since they need to learn how to utilize them properly. You should eventually be able to eat pretty regularly, but it might take longer to get used to eating tougher or stickier things. The dentures may be stabilized and held in place while you learn how to adjust to them, and using a small quantity of denture glue (no more than three or four pea-sized dabs on each denture) may help.
How painful is the process of receiving dentures?
It’s common to feel slight irritation after getting new dentures fitted, but this should subside as your mouth gets used to them. The length of the suffering varies. It can take longer if you previously wore dentures and now have a new set. Similar to the above, the extraction sites may be painful or uncomfortable for up to a few weeks after the teeth were removed if you had any natural teeth present that were extracted at the time of getting new dentures. As you go through the typical healing process, it is advised that you visit your prosthodontist frequently to have the dentures adjusted.

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