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Scaling & Root Planing

The dentist determines that a dental procedure called scale and root planing, which you’ve never heard of before, could be beneficial to your oral health. A frequent dental operation called scaling and root planing is performed to improve your oral health. Check out some of the typical queries people undergoing this treatment usually have.
Is root planning and scaling a painful procedure?
The actual surgery is not uncomfortable at any point. To numb the treatment sites, the dentist will administer injections of a numbing chemical. When the work is finished, you should anticipate some discomfort. The dentist might give you a prescription for pain medication, but most people find that over-the-counter painkillers work just as well.
What benefits do scaling and root planning offer?
You will notice much-reduced irritation in your gums after the operation is finished and your mouth heals. Gums that have experienced swelling and inflammation normally go back to normal. For most patients, receding gums that have formed tiny pockets where plaque might gather will gradually return to normal.
When are a procedure like scaling and root planning required?
Most patients who receive scaling and root planing have periodontal disease or are at risk for developing it. The surgery may also be carried out for additional causes or if there is simply too much plaque below the gum line.

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