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Halitosis (Bad Breath Care)

Bad breath is the primary symptom of halitosis, an oral health issue. The first step in treating this preventable ailment is, in most cases, identifying the source of the bad breath.
What is the diagnosis of halitosis?
Your dentist will probably smell your nasal breath and your mouth breath and rate the odour on a scale. Your dentist may also scrape the back of the tongue and grade its odour because this is where the smell most frequently originates.
What are the signs of halitosis?
The primary symptom of halitosis is persistently bad breath. There’s a chance that other individuals will notice the smell.
What is the treatment for halitosis?
Consistently maintain appropriate dental hygiene to lessen bad breath, prevent cavities, and minimize your risk of developing gum disease. Depending on the cause, further treatment for foul breath may take many forms. Your dentist will probably recommend that you see your primary care physician if it is determined that the source of your bad breath is an underlying medical condition.
How to get ready for your appointment
These suggestions can be helpful if your dentist wants to assess your poor breath:
  • Dentists typically prefer morning appointments for foul breath examinations to lessen the possibility that things you eat during the day will interfere with the exam.
  • To avoid masking any scents, avoid wearing perfume, scented lotions, scented lipstick, or scented lip gloss to your visit.
  • Ask your dentist if your visit needs to be rescheduled if you’ve taken antibiotics within the past month.

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