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Teeth Whitening

Your looks can be improved by having a radiant grin, which will make you feel better about your appearance if you’ve noticed stains and yellowing on your teeth, a common issue that develops over time for many people. You can solve these issues with the help of our teeth whitening options. We can make your teeth look better with these cutting-edge whitening procedures and give you a smile that commands attention!
Who should use teeth whitening?
Who needs to whiten their teeth? Generally, the professional teeth whitening system can help everyone with healthy gums and teeth who want to brighten their smile. It has been demonstrated to be quite successful at removing stains from teeth, including those caused by tetracycline, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and other substances. An expert teeth-whitening technique won’t harm already-done dental work.
How long do the results of teeth whitening last?
The whitening of teeth is temporary. When people consume meals and drinks that stain their teeth, the whiteness of their teeth may start to deteriorate in as little as one month. Those who stay away from stain-causing meals and drinks may be able to go up to a year without needing another whitening procedure or touch-up.
How much time does the procedure last?
The procedure results in a whiter, brighter grin in just 30 minutes, divided between two 15-minute administrations. To ensure optimum gel concentration and light exposure without being exposed to the light for an extended period that can irritate the gums, it is divided into two 15-minute applications. People with sensitive teeth can use a lower power level on the bleaching device to lessen the severity, and people with extremely deep stains could require several treatments.
Does the treatment hurt?
Sensitivity and minor gum irritation are possible side effects of teeth whitening. These adverse reactions are often transient and go away a few days after therapy. If you suffer any of these symptoms, you must let your dentist know so they can advise you on how to handle them while waiting for treatment.
What happens during teeth whitening?
Your dentist will have you wear a tray while you receive professional tooth whitening at the dental office, covering your teeth with a specially designed whitening gel. In addition, your dentist could employ a specific kind of light to boost the gel’s teeth-whitening benefits.

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