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Composite Bonding

Using a coloured resin that matches the colour of your teeth, and gluing it to the problematic tooth using a UV laser is known as composite bonding. It’s usually used to fix minor cosmetic problems. The resin only contributes to the aesthetic improvement of your teeth and looks incredibly natural and smooth.
Can composite bonding be painful?
It’s not painful, so there’s no need for numbing agents or general anesthesia, and the natural tooth isn’t permanently changed, either.
How long does composite bonding last?
Given that you’ll be spending money on your bonding, you’ll be glad to hear that it does endure for a fair amount of time. Composite bonding lasts, on average, five years. Because the resin is not as robust as your teeth, it might shatter and become stained. It can also become worn down by eating. However, because it is a non-invasive treatment, it can be replaced when the resin loses its effectiveness.
Does dental bonding damage teeth?
But is bonding something that looks beautiful but has a risk of harming the same asset they are intended to enhance? Bonding doesn’t truly harm the natural tooth; it doesn’t destroy your teeth. Since it is only a material that covers the tooth, neither the natural structure nor the crucial enamel is harmed.
Who is a good candidate for composite bonding?
Composite bonding is ideal for people who want to choose a non-invasive, temporary solution with minor cosmetic difficulties. We advise you to discuss your options with your dentist to help you decide on the best course of action.

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